First Things First

 The first rule of conscious consumption is to ask yourself – “Do I really need this?”

I get it – shopping is fun – in fact shopping releases dopamine into your brain – the same hormone as if you were to take drugs – its powerful stuff. So I understand the temptation to splurge on stuff you don’t really need… especially when this really cute item is on sale for 50% off!!

The key to being more sustainable is buying less stuff – and to make better choices when you do. It’s pretty simple really – when in doubt, refer to this.buyerarchy_sarah-lazarovic


“But buying eco-friendly and ethical stuff is so much more expensive”.

Yes it can be if you think about it as a one-for-one swop. Except it isn’t really. For example, your top made from quality natural fibres will last way longer – and look better for longer without pilling – than your cheaper polyester one from a chain store. So cost per wash it will work out cheaper in the long run. And make you feel better about your impact in the world every time you wear it.

That cheap top also comes at a very high true cost – to people all along the supply chain and to the planet.

Watch this to see what I mean.

I have also included a wide range of brands to suit your values and your budget – from comparable prices to mainstream all the way to designer brands.

Not only that – choosing quality, classic items, instead of being a slave to fleeting trends is sooo much more chic Dear.

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