• I Personally Curate the Global Marketplace for Sustainable and Ethically-Made Products – including places like Amazon
  • The point is I want to make conscious consumption as mainstream and accessible as possible.
  • Remember, I like putting ideas together – ideas about how to evolve, grow and expand as people. That’s my Bucket. Curation is a natural extension of putting things together.

Is Ethically Amazon an Oxymoron?

Amazon sells everything from fruit to Nazi memorabilia (really – check it out) – so it is up to you as a shopper to make the conscious choice of what to buy. I know that they have received criticism over the ethics of some of their business practices. Ethically Amazon may seem like an oxymoron to some. I get that.

Then I thought about the Bucket Philosophy on which Dear Earth People is based. It’s about doing what you can with what you have and from where you are at.

The fact remains that Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer – and chances are that if you shop online – you have at some point – or are shopping here already.


These days however, with the proliferation of so much stuff, it’s important that we become more conscious about what we consume and ask ourselves:

  • Where’s this stuff coming from?
  • Who’s making it and are these people being treated fairly?
  • Is this stuff good for myself and the Earth?




Jane Goodall puts it perfectly and if you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about this already but wish it was easier to be a conscious consumer – me too! I also know that you are busy and it’s confusing to know what is really ethical, fair or sustainable and what is just marketing.  So I have used my bucket by doing the research about products and brands for you – here is the result.

I have personally curated everything I recommend to make sure these products have:

  • Sustainable production methods
  • Transparent supply chains
  • Ethical labor practices
  • Natural fibers
  • No harsh or harmful chemicals
  • Organic materials and ingredients as much as possible

If it’s an online course, learning material or book, then I’m familiar with the work and endorse it because I think it may be useful and / or interesting to you. You will find the books that I have reviewed so far – as well as others I would recommend that have helped me along the path.

I’ve started off with clothes – why clothes? It seems like the most frivolous of product categories to start with.

Well, believe it or not, the clothing industry has become the second-most polluting industries in the world – second only to the oil industry. Not only that it is the culprit of some of the most gross labor and human rights violations in the world due to it’s nebulous supply chain. You can find out more about why that is and how you can start making better clothing decisions here.

I will also put up an easy reference checklist for each brand I have chosen soon!

In the interests of full disclosure, ethics and all that,  I must tell you that I do receive 
a small commission for certain products or services I recommend - but like I said, 
I only recommend products / services I believe in for reasons stated above.
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