Dear Earth People is based on the Bucket Philosophy

If we liken our Earth to a house (which it is), many of you will agree that large parts of this house are on fire – anxiety and fear based on lack, separation, violence and inequalities abound – it’s enough to make anybody feel really sad, really angry – and powerless. I have spent a lot of time in this place of helplessness.


But then I learned about our Bucket* – something that each Earth Person possesses to help put out the fire.

Except the thing is we waste time doing the following instead of using our Bucket (!)

Not knowing or believing that we each have a Bucket

Believing that we have to put out the whole fire with our Bucket – that’s overwhelming! And usually leads to paralysis and/or fanaticism…

Wondering whether or not our Bucket is good enough

Comparing our Bucket to other Buckets

I like putting ideas together – ideas about how to evolve, grow and expand as people. That’s my Bucket. 


This place is for you if:

You believe that we can do better as Earth People – individually and collectively

You believe that you have some innate gift, talent or life purpose you would like to express – even if you are unsure of how to do that

You wish it was easier to be a more conscious Earth Person, including (but not limited to) your daily experience of life – whether physical, emotional or spiritual


I enjoy researching different points of view and telling stories. That’s what this site is about – telling stories and sharing ideas with Spirit. Sometimes, the ideas may make you uncomfortable, especially if the views presented differ from your own. That’s OK. As long as we can all express our points of view respectfully, you’re welcome here!

*I would like to lay claim to this ingeniously simple philosophy but I actually first heard it from acclaimed author and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson